No one under the age of 5 is allowed in the Kitty Corral.

Children under 13 years of age must be supervised by an adult.

Children 15+ are allowed in the Kitty Corral without parental supervision as long as a parent/guardian has signed the waiver.

Do not pull on a cat’s tail or any part of their body, and do not try to roll a cat over and pet it’s stomach.

Do not pick up the cats.  If a cat wanders onto your lap on it’s own, cuddling is certainly okay.



You may pet sleeping cats, but it is best not to wake them to play.

Cats feed off of your energy, so try to walk around calmly. If you are make sudden or aggressive movements, they could get startled.

Keep to an inside voice and no yelling to avoid startling the cats. If a child is yelling or treating a cat in an unsafe manner that is dangerous to the child and cats, they will be asked to leave the Kitty Corral until the child is calm enough to return.

Anyone heavily perfumed may be asked to leave the Kitty Corral.

Please do not feed the cats human food. Not a good idea.




Please print and fill out the waiver below that pertains to your appointment, and bring them with you. This is also available to be completed digitally during the online appointment process.