We are equal parts. delicious desserts, satisfying coffee and adoptable, cats!

MEWOW CAFÉ donates the space and all things needed to care for our cat residents. The entrance fee is used for this purpose, to care for our cats until they find their furrever home. Each furry friend lives at the kitty corral, uncaged, until adopted. We are partnered with the Bucks County SPCA. Their reputation for their advocacy of animal rights certainly precedes them. We are honored that they believe in our adventure, and will supply our cat residents.  We are also partnered with Kitty Junction. They are a local, laudable animal rescue that helps cats and kittens find loving homes. 

We began this journey thinking that we would be a full service café. In order to make this dream a reality, we needed to adapt. We still will be serving delectable, locally made desserts, the best coffee I’ve ever tasted (and boy do I LOVE coffee), and good-for-you packaged snacks. We had to remove the table service café portion. THERE WILL BE YUMMY FOOD, just served in pretty packaging. Thank you Buckingham Township for adapting with me and allowing us to open by making this easy change.

It will be chaos when we open, and we can’t wait to share it with you when we meet you in person. Saddle up, mosey on by our barn themed cat café.

Thank you for hanging in there and believing in us.